Sunday, September 30, 2012

To baby, with love...(cont.)

I've finally finished the baby blankie.It went alot smoother than pervious blankies I've done...I'm a beginner at making blankets, so I'm still learning.
One thing I learned during this blankie is to beware.when buying fat quarters, some times they are not a true 18x21in.
Fabric used:
6 fat quarters...3 blue 3 pink
2yds of zebra print
2 1/2in x width blue & pink
4 1/2 zebra print
6 1/2 blue & pink
I pretty much free styled this I do most of my blankies... I make it up as I go along...I like this process...but I won't go into all that..
Anywho...i pieced my blankie back & I love the way out turned out..
The mommy wanted the baby's name on the blankie so I made it happen...the way I do it is, using the remaining fabric I cut out the name & simply appliqued it to the blankie front. I used a multicolor rayon thread. I hope this wasnt a mistake because I've read that it can bleed in the wash... I hope it doesn't.
   Once I got the front & back pieced the way I wanted I basted the back to the batting. I pin it as smooth as possible. Once the back is basted to the batting I pin the front to it as smooth as possible. I top stitch the quilt together using a curvy stitch on my machine. I followed the pattern of the pieced rectangles on the that all that is done the last step is added the binding.
  The binding is a 2 1/2 in. strip pieced together using the blue, pink & zebra fabrics. I double fold & press it to be like double fold bias tape. Than I stitched it all around the blankie.
So thats how I do my blankies(kinda).. Enjoy the pics
Happy sewing,